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Handmade Luxury Whipped Wax
Dessert Candles in the UK

Pretty Luxury Whipped Wax Candles that Will Make You Smile

We love making pretty Luxury Whipped Wax Dessert Candles that will make you smile.  All handmade in the South East of England.

From the moment we opened our doors in 2022, The Whipped Wax Candle Co. in the UK has been offering customers Luxury Whipped Wax Dessert Candles with plant based Vegan wax offering a beautifully slow burn and a high fragrance load. The prettier the better in our opinion and we know our customers agree. 

Each of our Luxury Whipped Wax Dessert Candles are hand piped, beautifully fragranced and our aim is to make the recipient smile.  Our Luxury Whipped Wax Dessert Candles can be personalised to your exact requirements and we offer a bespoke service for this.  Whether it be the colour of the candle, the fragrance or if you would like to add a special message to your Whipped Wax Luxury Candle, we can do this for you.

We only use the best vegan plant wax for our luxury  Candles, premium fragrances, cotton wicks and high-quality candle glasses at unbeatable prices. 

Our brand’s ethos is to reuse and recycle so we encourage our customers to return their candle glasses to us so we can reuse. Candle jars can always be recycled, but refilling them makes much more sense. We are hoping to offer refills in the future, which means you can keep your high-quality candle jars. 

homemade snow angel wax candle

Just carefully remove any wax remnants from your candle jar fill with boiling water and washing up liquid. Once rinsed your beautiful candle jar will be ready to serve you once again. Always check for any damage, if your candle jar is damaged in any way, please recycle it to avoid overheating etc.


All our luxury Whipped Wax Dessert Candles are CLP compliant and all are sent in boxes with Candle Care Cards.